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FAQs - Payment Information

Have questions about your royalty payment? Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

  • Why is my royalty check amount different?

    Production payments will vary every month as they are based on the production of the well and the prices received for production each month. Payments may be impacted by market conditions, fluctuating prices, seasonal conditions, and routine maintenance which can also affect the volumes produced from a well.

  • Why are there adjustments to prior production periods on my paystub?

    Prior-period adjustments are processed to amend revenues paid on previous checks to reflect updated information received by Ascent. These adjustments are primarily due to updated volumes, values, and/or deductions received from our purchasers or are the result of ownership changes taking place in the well. When prior period adjustments are processed, you will see the reversal of the payment originally made as a negative followed by positive repayment for the same production date on your check detail. The net impact to your revenues is a combination of both the positive and negative adjustments.

  • How often will I get a royalty check?

    As long as the well is producing and the total amount attributed to your account is over $100, you will receive a royalty check. Production payments are issued at the end of each month.

  • How is my interest calculated?

    Owner decimal interests are calculated as follows: Owner Net Acres / Total Unit Size x Royalty Rate

    Landowners can find the unit size on the Declaration of Pooled Unit that is filed in the county records where the well is located.

  • Why is my payment different from other family members?

    For privacy reasons, we cannot provide information on other owners’ accounts, however there are numerous factors including differences in lease terms, differences in ownership, ownership of interests in other properties, or interests being suspended.

  • What is a stale dated check?

    If a check is not cashed within 90 days, it is considered stale dated. After 90 days, the check will automatically void and those funds will need to be reissued.

  • What should I do if I lose my check, it is stolen, or I forget to cash it before 90 days of being issued?

    Please contact our Owner Relations Team at (405) 252-7600 or to request the reissuance of your check.

  • How do I access electronic paystub information with Enverus/EnergyLink?

    Enverus/EnergyLink is the site you will use to access your paystubs electronically. You will reach out to them directly to set up a username and password at (844) 608-2255 or