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FAQs - General

Have questions about ownership changes or other details about being an owner? Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

  • How do I change my address?

    All address changes must be submitted in writing. Please complete our Change of Address form and have all persons listed on the account sign and date the form.

  • How do I notify Ascent of an ownership change and what do I need to provide?

    Please refer to our Ownership Changes detail for further instruction.

  • Can Ascent provide a form to transfer my interest?

    No, Ascent does not provide legal forms to transfer ownership of oil and gas rights or mineral interests.

  • Can I get a copy of my lease?

    Yes, the request must be in writing, and you must be a current owner of the lease.

    You can submit your request to

  • What is a division order?

    A division order is a form mailed out to owners confirming their ownership interest in a well/unit. The division order does not change the terms of your lease or sell your property/interest. When you sign and return the division order, you are verifying the information shown on the document to be accurate and authorizing distribution of funds accordingly.

  • What is a Declaration and Notice of Pooled Unit (DPU)?

    A DPU is a document executed and filed by the operator for the purpose of pooling the subject leases and giving notice of the lands comprising the planned drilling and production unit. The DPU includes a list of subject leases as well as a legal description establishing the boundaries and size of said unit.

  • Does Ascent purchase minerals?

    Yes, please submit any properties you are thinking about selling to and a representative will contact you. With your submittal, please include a parcel number for each property you are considering selling.

  • How much are my royalty payments going to be?

    Production volumes vary as well as prices received for production sold. These variations will cause your royalty check amounts to vary.

  • How often can I expect to receive royalties?

    Due to variations in production volumes and price, there is not a set frequency. Provided an account has reached minimum suspense amount (the royalty balance exceeds $100) and is in pay status by our monthly accounting close date, a royalty payment will be issued by the last business day of the month.

  • Why am I not getting paid for the current month of production?

    Due to the timing of production payments received and processed by Ascent, royalties are distributed to owners 60 to 90 days after the month of production. A check will be mailed at the end of the month if the royalty balance exceeds $100 and the account is in a pay status. If you have not received your royalty check by mid-month, please contact our Owner Relations Team at (405) 252-7600 or

  • How do I get set up to view my check detail online?

    Please submit a request online at or by calling Enverus/EnergyLink at (844) 608-2255.

  • What is the severance tax deducted from my royalty check?

    Severance tax is a tax imposed on the removal of oil and natural gas, and the tax rates are determined by the state. This tax is levied on your pro rata share of oil and gas production and is collected from your royalties. The operator remits this tax directly to the state.

  • Can I set up direct deposit?

    Yes, we currently offer direct deposit to our royalty owners. If you would like to set up direct deposit, please fill out, sign, and return our Authorization Agreement for Transfer of Direct Deposit. Please click here for a copy of the form and allow 30 days for processing.

  • Who do I contact with additional questions regarding my decimal interest and/or payment?

    You can contact our Owner Relations Team at (405) 252-7600 or

  • What is the purpose of my Owner Number?

    Your owner number is specific to you and is tied to every Ascent well connected to you. Always use your owner number when corresponding with Ascent. This can be found on the top right corner of your check.

  • Are you interested in leasing my property?

    Please provide the county, township and parcel number to they will let you know if we are interested in leasing.