Committed to protecting people and the environment


We take great pride in the safety and sustainability of our operations. We cooperate with all state and federal environmental regulations to maintain the safety of our employees and communities while protecting the land. Operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner is a commitment we take very seriously. We practice being good environmental stewards and constantly look for ways to improve our operations and protect our natural resources.

EH&S Mission Statement

Ascent Resources believes employee, contractor and community safety, protection of natural resources, the care of our environment and compliance with government regulations must be a fundamental part of our daily operations.

Work place safety, loss prevention and accountability are thoroughly integrated into all aspects of our company. Employees and contract personnel have the responsibility to accept individual, as well as collective, safety and loss prevention practices in order to achieve our objective of an incident free environment. Our core belief is that all accidents are preventable.

Ascent Resources is committed to a comprehensive safety and environmental program with active participation throughout all levels of management, employees and contractors. Active participation is required and expected. Ascent Resources is dedicated to providing all necessary resources to make our operation as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.